Parsha Halacha

The Power of Teshuvah

Sponsored by Fred and Judy Farbman in honor of the recent yahrtzeit of Fred’s mother, Regina Farbman. May her neshomah have an aliyah. Parsha Halacha – Parshat Nitzavim VaYelech From Rasha to Tzadik in an Instant For a printable version click   here   The Torah portion of Nitzavim contains one of[…]

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Sponsored by Ricardo and Tali Berner. Wishing all of Klal Yisrael a Good and Sweet Year. Parsha Halacha – Parshat Ki Teitzei Customs and Laws Relating to Shadchanim For a printable version click   here   The Torah portion of Ki Tetzei includes many mitzvot that relate to marriage. Specifically, we learn:[…]

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Is it a Mitzvah to Appoint a King?

Sponsored by Jakie Handwerger in Memory of his Grandfather, Chaim Yitzchok Handwerger Parsha Halacha – Parshat Shoftim And The blessing to Recite Upon Seeing Moshiach   For a printable version click   here   One of the 40 mitzvot[1] in the Torah portion of Shoftim is the mitzvah of appointing a[…]

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