Parsha Halacha

Medicine on Yom Tov

Parshah Halacha – Parshat Ki Tissa Sources, Opinions and Halacha   Sponsored by Bertie and Jackie Woolf and their children Anton and Julie Woolf, and by Lara and Brandon Grusd and their grandchildren, in honor of Bertie and Jackie’s parents of blessed memory, Lazar (Eliezer Zev) and Hannah (Chana Rochel)[…]

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The Firstborn in the Messianic Era

Sponsored by Ahron and Shifra Gellman in memory of Yaakov Ben Dov Ber, Elisheva Batya bas Meyer Zalman, Yoel Dovid Ben Aryeh Lev and Rifka bas Zev. May they neshamos have an aliyah. Parshah Halacha – Parshat Tetzaveh Understanding the Ohr HaChaim     For a print version of this[…]

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Beams, Sockets and More Muktzah Matters

Sponsored by Janet and Sholom Spitz in honor of Sholom’s mother’s yarzheit. Batsheva bas R’ Yaakov, Shirley Spitz Stein A”H. May her neshama have an Aliyah. Parshah Halacha – Parshat Terumah Laws of a “Basis” for a Muktzah Item For a print version of this article click here Parsha Halacha[…]

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