Parsha Halacha

Lechem Mishneh and Shalosh Seudos on Yom Tov

Parsha Halacha – Parshat Emor (Behar in Israel) Did the Manna Fall on Yom Tov? Sponsored by Jackie and Johana Abraham in honor of their wedding anniversary. May they be blessed with many happy and healthy years together. For a print version of this article click here Parsha Halacha is[…]

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Borei Nefashot

Parsha Halacha Parshat Kedoshim (Emor in Israel)  Meaning, History and Some Laws of the Mini After Blessing Sponsored by by Andy and Eti Bales in honor of the birthday of Andy’s Mother, Gruena Liba bas Avraham. May she live and be well until 120! Smicha Course I have recently began[…]

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Covering the Blood

Reasons for this Mitzvah and Lessons We Can Learn from It Parsha Halacha – Parshat Acharie Mot/Shabbat Mevarchim Iyyar Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Daniel Kahane for the refuah shleimah of Meir ben Ruchama and David ben Chana Chava Co-sponsored by Mrs. Rachel Malkin in memory of her mother, Chashele[…]

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