Parsha Halacha

Constructive Lashon HaRa

Tzedaka Report Baruch Hashem, we raised and distributed over $35,000 over this past Yom Tov Season. We helped over 45 families in the US as well as many in Israel. We were also able to help famillies with Hurrican assistance in Miami, Key West and Puerto Rico. Thank you to[…]

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Lessons from Yaakov’s Small Jugs

Sponsored by Ettai and Rotem Einhorn Parsha Halacha – Parshat VaYishlach For a printable version click here In the Torah portion of VaYishlach, we read how Yaakov remained alone while transporting his family across the Yabok River. He was then attacked by a man (actually the angel of Eisav) who[…]

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Praying an Early Maariv

Sponsored by Ahron and Shifra Gellman in memory of Yaakov Ben Dov Ber, Elisheva Batya bas Meyer Zalman, Yoel Dovid Ben Aryeh Lev and Rifka bas Zev.  Co-sponsored by the Sreter family in loving memory of their mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Sara bat Yair, whose yarzheit is the 7th of Kislev.[…]

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