Jewish Holidays & Events

Laws and Customs of Rosh Hashana 5779

Sponsored by the Mendal Family in memory of their parents, Shmerel Moshe ben Haim, Yahrtzeit, Elul 14, and Devorah Sheva bas Avrohom HaKohen, Yahrtzeit, Cheshvan 15. May their neshamos have an Aliyah. Times are taken from and are correct for Miami Beach, Fl. For times in other locations, click[…]

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Yom Tov Fund for Families

As Yom Tov approaches, I am, once again doing a collection for families that are temporarily in need of assistance, both here in Miami as well as in Israel. You can participate by CashApp to $AryehCitron Paypal to Zelle quick pay, by check or cash or online here Please[…]

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