Jewish Holidays & Events

The Unique Energy of Rosh Chodesh

Sponsored by Bertie and Jackie Woolf and their children Anton and Julie Woolf, and Lara and Brandon Grusd and their grandchildren, in honor of Bertie and Jackie’s parents of blessed memory, Lazar (Eliezer Zev) and Hannah (Chana Rochel) Woolf and Michael and Zeta Susman. Parsha Halacha/Parshat Bo The Unique Energy[…]

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Laws and Customs of Chanukah 5778

Cosponsored Anonymously And by Abraham and Chalva Cohen and Family in honor of the Surfside Jewish Community. For a printable version click here Special thanks to Rabbi Levi Silman of South Africa for his editing and insightful notes Erev Chanukah Tuesday, 24 Kislev / Dec. 12  Tachnun is not recited at[…]

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Yom Tov Fund for Families

As in past years, I am collecting for the Yom Tov needs of poor families in Miami and in Israel. In honor of Chanukah I am collecting for local poor families. Please give generously. You can donate by check to California Club Chabad. 825 NE 205th St, Miami, FL 33179[…]

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