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May One Rely on the Rabbi’s Eiruv Tavshillin?

Sponsored anonymously Maot Chitim Report Thank you to all those who participated in the Ma’ot Chittim campaign. We were, Baruch Hashem, able to help over 60 families in Miami and in Israel. May Hashem bless you all with many more mitzvot. Sources, Opinions and Halacha For a printable version click  here[…]

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Seven Haggadah Insights

Sponsored by Ahron and Shifra Gellman in memory of Yaakov Ben Dov Ber, Elisheva Batya bas Meyer Zalman, Yoel Dovid Ben Aryeh Lev and Rifka bas Zev. Based on teachings of the Ishbitzer Rebbes, Rabbi Mordechai Leiner (the Mei HaShilo’ach) and his son Rabbi Yaakov Leiner (the Bais Yaakov). For[…]

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