The Ten Extra Menorahs

Sponsored by the Azriel, Feinhandler, and Kamensky families in loving memory of their dear mother, Sheina bat Peretz HaLevi whose 25th Yohrtzeit is on 15 Menachem Av, Shraga Fishel ben Avraham HaLevi whose Yohrtzeit is on 8 Av, and Judy Greenspan whose 1st Yohrtzeit is on 28 Av And in[…]

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Child Conversion – How it Works

Sponsored by Dr. Yitzchak (Jean Jacques) and Perla Edderai in honor of his mother, mother in-law, brother, children and grandchildren!!! Co-sponsored by Joey and Bianca Senker in honor of their children. Parsha Halacha – Parshat Matot-Masei (Masei in Israel) Shabbat Chazak For a print version of this article click here Parsha[…]

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