The Mizbe’ach

This week’s Parsha Halacha is Sponsored by Aaron Elbogen le’iluy nishmas his grandfather, Aron ben Yaakov Kupel, Yohrtzeit – Tammuz 28. May his neshamah have an aliyah. Parshat Pinchas For a printable version click here The Torah portion of Pinchas contains the sections about the various sacrifices[1] – the daily sacrifices (Tamid), the[…]

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Modesty in the Workplace

This week’s Parsha Halacha is sponsored by Drs. Raul and Janet Mitrani in memory of Raul’s father, Chayim ben Ieda. May his neshama have an aliyah. Parshat Balak For a printable version click here In the Torah portion of Balak we read the story of Balak hiring Bilaam to curse the Jews. Each[…]

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If a Man Dies in a Tent

Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Szerer in honor of the engagement of their daughter Francine to Matthew Stadtmauer. Co-sponsored by Yaacov Tzvi and Michal Schvetz in honor of the Yohrtzeit of Zlate bas Tzvi Hirsh Halevi, Michal’s mother, on Tammuz 11. And by Dr. Stephen and Bella Brenner in loving memory[…]

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