Shabbat and the Redemption

Sponsored by Israel & Gaby Kopel and their children Yosef Chaim, Yitzhak Yehoshua, and Shmuel David in loving memory of their grandfather and great-grandfather, Reb Shmuel ben Reb Yehoshuah Eliyahu, whose Yartzeit is on 17 Menachem Av. Parsha Halacha – Parshat Va’etchanan / Shabbat Nachamu How Keeping Two Shabbatot Brings[…]

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Guarding the Bait HaMikdash

Co-Sponsored by Chanan and Orly Kulman in memory of Shmuel ben Moshe, Tzvi Malka bat Danish and Amram ben Shalom. And by Dvir and Nili Segal to Hasten the Coming of Moshiach. And by Estella Berry in honor of her children Moises and Mario Egozi, may they live long, and[…]

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Hastening the Redemption

Sponsored by Dovid and Shulamit Morris to Hasten the Geulah Shabbat Parshat Matot Masei/ Shabbat Mevarchim and Shabbat Chazak How to Bring Moshiach Now For a printable version click here We are now in the period of mourning for the destruction of the Bait HaMikdash known as the Three Weeks.[…]

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