About us

MISSION: Yeshivah College is a structured learning program which enables people who cannot study full time, master the topics in Jewish Law which lead to Smicha (Rabbinic Ordination).

CURRICULUM:  Talmud, Chassidism, Jewish History-Philosophy and Contemporary Jewish Law: Basar B’Chalav; Shabbos; Niddah And Brachos.

LENGHT: 4 Years (These shiurim will also be available in Hebrew for those that wish)

TUITION: $100 (Per month) + Test: $200 (Per Semester)

TESTER: Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner

The gaon Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner, Shlita, grandson of Maran the “Shevet Halevi”, and rabbi of the “Yitav Lev” Satmar community in Monsey. Harav Wosner is also the Av Beis Din of Satmar of
New York. He Educated hundreds of students on the path of Chassidus, and particularly according to the methods set forth by the Satmar Tzaddikim in the past.

TEACHER: Rabbi Aryeh Citron (Rosh Yeshivah)

Rabbi Citron was educated in Chabad Yeshivahs in Los Angeles, New York, Israel & Australia. He was the Rosh Kolel of The Shul of Bal Harbor, Florida for many years and is now the Rosh Kolel of the Yeshivah College in Miami and Adult Torah Teacher in Surfside, Florida. He teaches classes on Talmud, Chassidism, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewish Law.

The Smicha Program is sponsored in memory of: Aryeh Leib ben Zev Volf & Yocheved bas Mattisyahu, Leibel & Julie Goldczer